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Meet our Adoptable fur baby POTATO.

Sweet Potato has faced a lot (being Blind and Deaf to start ) but that has not stopped her from wanting to love and be loved. She was surrendered to a vets office in GA, to then travel to a home in FL where she did not mesh well with the dogs in the home, this led to altercations among hearing and seeing dogs and a blind deaf dog.  She went to a temp home where she was then sent to a kennel in a boarding facility.  She then went to another foster that had dogs and they were just to much happening for Potato to readjust when she has been pulled from place to place to place and then did not know how to handle a home with more dogs and all biding for attention.  More scuffles and back to boarding for weeks and kenneled all the time.  Then she was pulled into a foster home that loves her so much but they are just feeling she needs more time then they can give.  She then went to another rescue that foster looked for willing to help her and get her a foster and training if needed to help her be successful.  

Potato deserves to be loved and have her own family.  She deserves to be loved and be part of a family.  

If you would like more information please fill out the application and email us.

We would like a home with no dogs, if possible though she has been around dogs and been fine but the past few homes just set her up to feel very insecure around dogs and this we will work on but it would be best for a home with no dogs, or you must be willing to meet her with your pet before hand, and a fenced yard is preferred. 

She is a cuddle bug and super smart.  She so far has learned with her latest foster how to ring the bell to let you know she needs out.  She is a super strong dog so know that.  We will be working on leash pulling and other training.  She would be great for a work from home person or couple etc.  She needs a home that is not a hussle bussle home.  That is calm.  She would not be a dog suited for a toddler.  We would rather her go to an adult family or at least that is 10 or older and has been around dogs.  
We also want to know that anyone interested is knowledgeable of a dog that is deaf and or blind or both, or willing to learn and possibly take a few instruction lessons with our trainer at our expense. 

I know that this is a huge bill maybe to fill.  However we know that there is a home just as special as she is out there. 

Please message us if you are interested.

Please note that an application is required and a home check is mandatory.   But if you feel you are a Rock Star of a pet Parent and would like to get to know more please message us.  We know that she has a home out there who will love her like the Queen she is.  

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